How to find your next wardrobe

Did you know that a messy bedroom could be the reason for your poor sleep quality? Studies show that a messy bedroom increases stress, affecting your sleep quality. Clothes are the main causes of a messy bedroom. Maybe you have many clothes and less storage space for them. The following tips will help you get the best wardrobe for your storage needs:

Figure out the Purpose of your wardrobe

First and foremost, ask yourself what you wish to use the wardrobe for; do you want more space to hang clothes or fold them. Understanding why you need a wardrobe helps you figure out other factors. You need lots of hanging space if you prefer to hang long coats and dresses in your wardrobe. More shore racks are needed if you need more space for your shoes; This influences the size of the wardrobe.

The Size you need

Wardrobes come in different sizes depending on your needs. How big of a wardrobe do you need? The Tylko type 03 wardrobe is 240cm wide to provide enough hanging space. You could also get the Tylko type 03 wardrobe that is 60cm wide, small enough for your kid’s bedroom, but big enough for storage. Click on for more ways to find the right Size.

The practicality of your wardrobe

The goal is to have a wardrobe that is not only aesthetic but also accomplishes its purpose. For more folded clothes and accessories, space gets the wardrobe with drawers and shelves. A wardrobe with a bookcase can act as storage space for your books. For more storage space, a wardrobe 60cm long maximizes space giving you extra storage and elegant looks, like the Tylko type 03.

Type of wardrobe

From sliding and double doors to built-in and free-standing, you have a wide array of wardrobes to choose from, depending on your needs. A built-In wardrobe is good for corner or irregular-shaped bedrooms, while free standing is good for filling wide spaces. Double doored wardrobes are generally bigger, while sliding doors make life easier. Free-standing wardrobes can also need assembly service either by a professional or by doing it yourself.