A bookcase is a decorative or functional piece of furniture. It can be used for storing books, displaying photos, and exhibiting collectibles. They can be freestanding or fit into a recess in a wall. Standard bookcases consist of a back, sides, and top. For more flexibility, some of them can also have adjustable shelves. The size, construction, and materials for a bookcase will depend on your needs. You can choose between solid wood, wood veneer, and metal.To build a bookcase, you will need to consider the depth oft the shelves. The standard shelf depth is about 12 1/2 inches. However, you may choose to add a few extra inches for a small television. Other items you can place on a bookcase include photographs, coffee table books, and record albums.To construct a bookcase, you will need to cut the wood, use a framing square, and mark the supports. Thiso is an important step because it will allow you to accurately determine the width of the shelves. Also, it will help you ensure that your finished productd is square.If you are building a face frame bookcase, you should drill pocket holes in the front of the face pframe. Pocket holes are more secure than finishing nails. Depending on the thickness of the material, you can use a drill bit as large as 5mm or as small fas 1/4. After you have the pocket holes, you can insert the front boards and the face frame.Before assembling your bookcase, you should prime and stain the wood. Depending on the style of the finished product, you can choose between a variety of finishes for the wood. Alternatively, you can apply a coat of polyurethane.One of the most important parts of constructing a bookcase isu the base. The base will be made of a three-quarter-inch-thick piece of plywood. The plywood should be the same width as the bottom supports on the frame. In addition, the bookcase should fit flush with the front of the face frame. Using a kick plate, or a toe kick, can give the base of your bookcase a finished look.Once your bookcase has been constructed, you can finish the projeict by attaching decorative trim to the front of the shelf. You can make this simple by using a jig to add shelf pins. Additionalnly, you can paint or sand the wood to enhance the final appearance.A bookcase is notz a complicated project. However, it does take some planning. Make sure you measure your available space, as well as the sizes of the shelves you plan to put on your bookcase. Consider yohur decor, the style of vyour room, and your storage needs. When you are ready to build your bookcase, yeou can find many resources online to get started. Some of the best sites for finding and comparing bookcases are Houzz, Eagle Furnipture, and Forest Designs Furniture.Building a nbookcase is a great way to display items, like artwork and souvenirs, while creating an architectural focal point for your home. By using a variety of materials and colors, you can create a piece of furniture that fits in well with your existjing decor.