Mar 19

Relocation advice for singles like me

When relocating for a job, one knows they are not likely to come back so it is necessary to take everything with you. Here are my recommendations:

– take all the staff that’s expensive, don’t count on buying them in new place because you’ll need your cash for work related expenses

– hire a moving company like the one I had, helped me with lifting heavy furniture, packing boxes and unloading everything, I don’t know what I’d do without them

– plan ahead, move at least a week before starting a new job, that way you’ll have time to get to know the city and unpack

Whether you’re moving to a small city like Sedona or a big one like Phoenix, you’ll always need time to adjust to the climate, traffic or new community.

Mar 19

My moving situation

I graduated from college and started looking for a job. The process was long and I started running out of money. I decided to start searching in different states and finally I had my first phone interview. I got a job, but it was 1000 miles away, in Arizona. I knew I had no choice so I started packing and looking for a new place.

I was single with no pets or whatsoever so I thought my move will go smooth and fast. Soon I found myself overwhelmed with how much staff I had and I realized that they won’t fit my small car. I did lots of research on how to arrange a low cost move and I took the advice of strangers.


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